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Friday, February 23, 2018

My Baby Boy's Nursery

I didn’t really have a specific idea of what I wanted our little boy’s nursery to look like. I was actually pretty open to different themes. The real challenge was narrowing down the options, which is why I highly recommend a Pinterest board for decorating because it can really help you both organize your ideas and see the bigger picture. 

My husband wanted a golf themed nursery, but after looking at several examples, I realized that I didn’t want green colors or anything overwhelmingly bright. Ultimately, we decided to incorporate maps and airplane accessories because we both love to travel. I also knew I wanted to include some beautiful Navajo pots and wall decorations since my husband is half Navajo. It sounded strange to tell people we were going with a travel/Navajo theme since they don't really correlate, but luckily, it all made sense and came together in the end.

I chose colors and patterns that would compliment the walls, which were already painted a soft grey. I wanted the furniture to have a sort of southwest and natural feel to it.  So, I chose a simple patterned black and white rug, with a dark brown crib. The simple white dresser I picked from Ikea is my favorite piece, partly because it was so reasonably priced and partly because it is so functional. 

I usually gravitate towards simple and muted colors. Black and white always seem to be my “go to” colors. I made all of the big furniture pieces white or black, and focused on adding hints of color in the accessories. We exchanged our gold-lined mirrored closet doors from the 70’s for classic white bifold doors along with a new modern and simple black fan to tie it all together.

I really had so much fun decorating my baby’s nursery. It made me feel confident that I could actually tackle decorating and renovating the rest of our house. If only I had more time and money! I guess it will be a slow and steady process, focusing on one room at a time.  


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