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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Midcentury Modern Baby Shower

  Mid-century architecture is one of my favorite styles of all, which is kind of why I'm a little obsessed with Palm Springs. I love how clean simple lines meets classic history. So, I told my sister I would love to have a mid-century modern inspired baby shower, and I was more than impressed on how it all turned out.  

   Soft blue and yellow colors filled the backyard with such beauty. Palm trees also added a great touch. The different types of retro table and chairs added to that mid-century modern look we were trying to achieve. 

  My shower also reminded me a little of a tropical garden party. It was so bright, airy and beautiful. Im obsessed with photographs, so I included some framed baby pictures of my husband and I as well as some 3D photos of the baby. I think it's fun to share old pictures for family and friends. It makes the atmosphere feel much more warm and inviting. 

   My cake was just as tasty as it was beautiful. A clean and modern cake, cookies and sweet treats added to the theme.

 My ankles were so swollen at this point in my pregnancy, but I was determined to wear heels...for at least half of the party. I actually chose this nude color illusion dress by Free People for my wedding shower, but I changed my mind at the last minute since it didn't seem quite right at the time. The blue flowers on this dress really matched the theme of my baby shower for my little boy, so I am so glad I waited for this special occasion. Plus, it complimented me so much better with my baby bump. Check out  Style me Pretty Living for more details on my baby shower. 

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