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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Must Haves for a New Mother 0-6 Months

   Preparing for your baby’s arrival can be a daunting task if you are a first time parent. There are so many gadgets out there, and sifting through it all can prove to be quite overwhelming. I turned to my amazing sister and mom friends for some insight, which turned out to be the best way to figure out what I needed.
  There were some varying opinions about certain products that my mom friends either found helpful or a complete waist of time and money, but the one piece of advice that they all seemed to agree on was that I really didn't need very much at all during the first few months. Diapers, wipes, swaddle, bottles, and a little bassinet was really all I needed. However, after those first couple of months were over, I used quite a few products that were really great. 

  Baby Eli is now 7 months old and looking back, my mommy friends were right. Whether you want to get it now or later is completely up to you, but you most likely will need quite a bit of stuff to make you and baby comfortable. It also can depend on what type of person you are. For instance, I feel like my sister is a little less of a stress case than I am. She can just take it as it comes without having to be too prepared. I, on the other hand, am a planner. I like to schedule my day, which helps me destress and feel more organized. So, I’d say that if you are anything like me, even though you don't need much in the beginning and you do have time to buy baby stuff later, I would get it over with and buy as much as you need before the baby comes because once they are here, you won't have much time to even shower and sleep, let alone head to the store. 
 I’m actually really glad I had the nursery done before my baby was born even though he's just barely starting to use it. I enjoyed the experience of creating his nursery and researching good products for my baby. I think I would have been so tired, stressed and uninterested had I waited until after he was born. I don't have to even think about getting more stuff, because I already have it, which is really nice.  

  Luckily, Im kind of one of the last out of my group of friends to become a mother, and there was quite an advantage to that, which came in the form of lots of advice and baby hand me downs. I welcomed it all with open arms. I received some pretty expensive and amazing stuff ranging from clothes, carriers, toys and more. If you are on a budget, this is really the best way to go since babies grow out of stuff before you can even blink. 

  I thought it would be nice to dedicate this blog post to sharing some of my most favorite and useful baby things I used in the first 6 months of my baby’s life. Of course, this isn’t everything that you need, just some of my favorites.

Snuza Go! Baby Monitor

This gadget monitors your babies breathing while they are sleeping. It’s half the price of the owlet, and still gives us piece of mind that is so worth the cost. At 7 months, my baby still uses it while he naps.  

Slumber Sleeper by Swanling

This sleeper by Swanling is amazing. It looks kind of like a weird straight jacket, but its, again, for parent’s piece of mind. The jacket is attached to the mattress preventing your child from rolling over or trying to jump out the crib unsafely. Your baby can still turn and sit up safely. 

This is another alternative sleeper that we used for safe sleeping. The Halo sleep sack  can transition from swaddle to arms out as your baby gets older. It helps keep them snug like a blanket without the hazards of using one. Also, you don't have to fuss with the manual swaddle blankets, which take time and may not be practical once your baby is strong enough to wiggle out of them.
Samsung RealView Baby Monitor
I chose the Samsung RealView baby monitor because I had a 300 dollar gift certificate from Sams club, and this was one of the few baby monitors they offered there. I am sure there are nicer and possibly cheaper monitors out there, but I was not disappointed with this choice. The monitor shows clear video and has different setting and volume options. 

Land of Nod Bassinet

I borrowed this modern style Bassinet from my sister, which she bought from Land of Nod. I had this right beside my bed every night and it worked great! I was actually thinking about going with a Moses basket, which was cheaper and just as nice, but considering the fact that babies use the bassinet a year or less, I didn’t really want to spend a fortune on a bassinet. There are so many things you have to get when you have a baby and it can add up quick, so although necessary, it is also something you probably shouldn’t spend a lot on.
Brezza and Mimijumi Bottles


I learned that every baby is different in terms of preference to their bottles. Some of my friends and family recommended Avent, Dr. Browns, and Como Tomo, which were all great, but my baby didn't seem to think so. The only bottle he liked was the Brezza bottle, and my guess was because their slow flow nipple was even slower than the others. It took a while for my baby to gulp the bottle down, but it was a true life saver for us since he would scream bloody murder with all the rest. Plus, I fell in love with the cute little sayings on the bottom of each bottle that read “Bottoms up” and “I drink until I pass out.” 

I didn’t start using the Mimijumi bottle until after my baby was three months old. Although a little on the pricier side, it was another one of my favorites. This is a wide-mouthed bottle with a unique nipple and texture that mimics the breast, so it was easy to use interchangeably from breast to bottle. It also has an anti-colic venting system that allows the baby to control the flow which reduces air intake and decreases colic and gas.

I used the dock a tot all of the time. My baby took day time naps everywhere with this portable bed. I put it in his bassinet, and I would take it in the bathroom with me so I could put him in it after baths. It’s been in almost every room in my house, and is also great for when we traveled. We took a trip to Northern California, and he slept so well in it. Its easy to carry, takes up little room, and is very well worth the price.
 Cuisinart baby Sterilizer

The baby sterilizer is very easy to use. You just put bottles and toys in the container, add a little water, turn it on and your ready to go with a clean bottle in just minutes.

I was given this book by my best friend who I really look up to as a mother, and let me tell you that this book forever changed our lives. If you ever value your sleep, and I'm sure most if not every parent does, you NEED to read this book. It is a true game changer, and it really does work so long as you follow the steps. Luckily, my husband and I read this book while I was pregnant and I am so glad that we did. People are so surprised when I tell them that my baby has slept through the night ever since he was 12 weeks old. They tell me we are so lucky to have an amazing sleeper, which we are, but in all reality, we trained our baby to sleep through the night and it takes a lot of patience, thick skin, and time…..but it is well worth it.  

I chose the City Lux because I love how versatile it is. There are so many different ways you can use this stroller. It has excellent storage.  You can connect a tote bag, a bench seat or stand for an older child, or you can put a second seat on it. It rides very nicely and I sometimes take it jogging around the neighborhood. I wanted a stroller that can grow with my child and so far, this has not disappointed. I also bought their carrier, which can connect to the stroller and does not need a base. So, I keep my base in my car and did not have to buy another car seat or base to put in my husbands car. The Lux might be on the pricier side but I figured I would be spending less money overall since I would not have to upgrade to another stroller in the future.  


The baby mitt helps sooth my baby’s teething, and the baby jumper keeps him pretty occupied while I get the endless list of household chores done. He absolutely loved the swing, which moves back to forward and side to side. I received all of these toys as either gifts or hand me downs from family and friends, which I am very grateful for because, again, the price can add up and they only use it for a short period of time.
Joovy Foodoo High chair 

I chose the black Joovy foodoo highchair for its versatility, efficiency and simple design. Although a little pricey, I felt it was well worth it considering how much we would use it. This high chair has different height levels so you can feed your baby while you are on the couch, near the dining table or standing up. The actual seat itself can also adjust far back like a cradle and is easy to move. It also has a tray with a clear cover that is easily removable to be able to wash in the sink.

My baby loves to be outside and we used both the buy buy baby sunhat and baby organics sunscreen on him whenever we are outside. Its a must when you live in sunny Southern California!
I received so many different diaper and wipes brands from my baby shower. I tried everything from organic and natural types to cheap and generic. I also received the fancy and cute brands. If you are on a budget like me I would stick with buying the kirkland brand in bulk at Costco or the Members Mark brand at Sams club. It saves you a ton of money and you won't have to keep taking multiple trips to the grocery store. They seem to be just as sturdy as the pricier brands. If you are in to fancier design and organic options and don't mind spending a little more, I liked the honest and parasol brands the best.
This is my favorite carrier since it is very versatile and has great back support. While the wraps are cute, they offered little back support and took time to put together, which was not very practical with a screaming baby. 

Though not on my registry list, my best friend gifted this to me and I couldn’t thank her enough. It was one of the most practical and best gifts I received. She already had two children and knew exactly what to get me. My baby was sick a total of 6 times in the first few months of his life, which was both terrifying and absolutely tiring.

My baby loves the Binxy baby Carrier and so do I since it allows me to have more cart space for groceries.

No muss no fuss is the best when you have an infant. I had some of the cutest clothes for my baby, but the buttoned down onesies were the worst for practicality. There are so many cute zip up onesies. When you are changing a bizillion diapers a day, something as simple as a zipper on a onesie makes a huge difference. 

My baby just started using these and they are great for him to suck on fruits like strawberries and bananas as well as avocado without being a choking hazard. 
So there it is, My must haves from 0-6 months. Hope this was helpful! 
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