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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Visit a Cat Cafe

If you love coffee and cats, paying a visit to a cat café is a must.  Cat cafes have been gaining a lot of popularity in the US over the last couple of years. In fact, I am super excited to have just learned that there is a cat café that opened in my area just a month ago. Cat lounges, which originated in Asia, allow you to socialize with the furry friends while you hang out and enjoy a coffee.

I decided to take my biggest cat lover friend along with me to the Cat Café Lounge in LA, and we absolutely loved it! You can either pre-book online or just walk-in. We booked a 90-minute session for 25 dollars. There are a variety of sessions to choose from, and you can have anywhere from an hour to a four-hour session, or even a cool cat party. 

We ordered our coffee and beverages first before waiting for our session to begin. We then were escorted to the cat lounge, where we hung out with a variety of different adoptable fur babies. There were a few people studying and a couple of people just enjoying and playing with the cats.

It was such a unique and fun experience! The atmosphere was so laid back and relaxing that I could’ve stayed there all day long. Laying on a couch with my coffee and cat was pure heaven.

The non-profit organization allows cats to roam in a more relaxing and free environment instead of being held in a small cage. This way you can get to really know a cat’s behavior and be able to bond with them if you’re thinking about adopting. This healthier environment is a way to keep cats from getting euthanized in an overcrowded shelter.  100 percent of the Cat Café Lounge’s donations go to support decreasing euthanizations.  

For more info visit there website here:

Cat Cafe Lounge

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