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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Baby Moon at El Capitan Canyon

        Baby moons, aka vacationing before the arrival of your little one, has become quite popular these days. I personally think they are a necessity, especially if couples are about to become parents for the very first time. 

           Becoming a parent is the biggest blessing you will probably ever experience, and at the same time, it is also a huge life change. There truly isn’t anything anyone can tell you to prepare, especially during the very exhausting first couple of months, which is all the more reason why you should relax, pamper yourself, and get as much rest as possible before baby comes.

            My husband and I chose El Capitan Canyon for our baby moon, a 300-acre camp ground right off the beautiful pacific coast highway and located 20 miles north of Santa Barbara. I love Santa Barbara. I’m always trying to find reasons to go back and revisit the place where we got married. I’ve also always wanted to try glamping. So, when I found this place, I jumped at the idea to make it our baby moon destination knowing I would have the chance to have the full glam camping experience. You can choose to stay in a log cabin, lavish tent or yurt. We chose the log cabin since it had its own bathroom. It felt so nice being outside of the city noise and surrounded by nature. Birds were chirping and a fox came right up to our door.

      You can bring your own meals or buy dinners at the local campground store to barbecue. There is also smore kits available, which are a nice after dinner treat. 

   We didn’t do much but lounge out and enjoy the slow pace life while we were there, but there is also plenty to do here if you get bored. There’s a beach park within walking distance of the grounds, and downtown Santa Barbara is just a short car ride away. You can feed lamas, join in on concerts at the grounds, rent beach cruisers, get a spa treatment, or go for a swim in the camp ground pool.

    Make your baby moon during the week days here since it is a lot less crowded and cheaper. El Capitan Canyon is definitely a unique place worth experiencing at least once. For more info visit their website El Capitan Canyon 


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