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Sunday, February 4, 2018

My Traditional Wedding

        Michael and I were absolutely sure we would have a destination wedding. We had been to weddings in Cabo San Lucas and Aruba and had the absolute time of our lives 
there. So naturally, we fell in love with idea for ourselves.Low-key, intimate, laid back, barefoot on the beach type of wedding seemed right up our alley. Yet, when it came time to actually begin planning, we completely surprised ourselves. We were a bit more traditional than we had thought.  We quickly realized it was important for us to have the venue close enough for family and friends to be able to join us in the festivities. I also realized that ever since I could began to envision my own wedding I was always drawn to these gorgeous old historic churches and missions. Their stories are so fascinating to me, and I've just always loved the romantic feel of them. I think I always new I wanted to incorporate my beautiful Mexican culture in the wedding as well, so as soon as we laid eyes on the chapel it inspired me to run with it. I  don't know whether having a traditional venue reminded me of going to catholic school growing up or going to church on Sundays with my parents and grandparents, but it just felt like home. It was love at first site. Somehow I felt like it had found us because we were certainly not looking in that direction at the time. I still cant imagine a more fitting wedding for ourselves. 

I would say that my most memorable moments was a tie between my beautiful niece accidentally falling on the alter while twirling In her gown like a little princess (it was the cutest thing and the priest made a joke about it) and the Mariachi band parading us from the chapel to the reception. 

  I am lucky enough to have a very creative sister who loves to plan parties and she is amazing at what she does. She reminded me to just embrace the planning process. This is your time to be creative and have fun with it. Make it your own. Once you have done everything you can, remember to let go. Enjoy yourself. Be in the moment. Imperfections are what makes the party unique and fun. 

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